1.        Angelo Catholic School Gymnasium

2.        Angelo State UniversityU.C. Conference Rooms

3.        Angelo State University Cavness (3 AV Systems)

4.        Angelo State University Houston Harte Ball Room

5.        Angelo State University Intramurals Department

6.        Angelo State University Junell Center Portable

7.        Angelo State University Lake House

8.        Angelo State University Men' High Rise

9.        Angelo State University NCAA Softball Field

10.     Angelo State University Pavilion

11.     Angelo State University Program Council (Portable)

12.     Angelo State University Recreation(Portable)

13.     Angelo State University Soccer Field

14.     Angelo State University Womenís High Rise

15.     Arroyo Grande Ranch Co., Sonora TX

16.     Baptist Memorials Center

17.     Bentwood Country Club Ball Room

18.     Bowie Elementary,(portable system)

19.     Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, San Angelo TX

20.     Central High School (portable system)

21.     Central High School Softball Field

22.     Central High School, Sara Barnhart Theater

23.     Central High School, San Angelo TX Choir rooms

24.     Christ The King Retreat Center Conference Rooms.

25.     Christ The King Retreat Center Chapel.

26.     Christ The King Retreat Center Dining Hall.

27.     Christian Fellowship Baptist Church

28.     College Hills Baptist Church

29.     College Hills Christian Church

30.     Davidson Memorial Gymnasium, Ozona TX

31.     Eastern New Mexico State University,(Portable)

32.     Eden High School Auditorium

33.     Edison Jr. High School Auditorium

34.     Ethicon Inc. Conference Rooms

35.     Ethicon Inc. Clean Rooms

36.     Ethicon Building Three (24 computer controlled zones, 251 Bose Model 32 loudspeakers.)

37.     Fair Park Convention Center, Ozona TX.

38.     First Baptist Church, Ballinger (Video Systems)

39.     First Baptist Church, Eldorado TX

40.     First Baptist Church, Mason

41.     First Baptist Church, Spur TX

42.     First Christian Church-Disciples of Christ Sanctuary, San Angelo

43.     First Christian Church-Disciples of Christ Chapel, San Angelo

44.     First United Methodist Church, Colorado City TX

45.     First United Methodist Church, Early TX

46.     First United Methodist Church, Sonora TX

47.     First United Methodist Church. Sterling City TX.

48.     Float 404 on the Concho River†††††††

49.     Glasscock County 4-H Center & Arena

50.     Goodfellow AFB Chapel

51.     Goodfellow AFB Clinic (105 Bose Mod. 16)

52.     Goodfellow AFB Mathis Fitness Center

53.     Goodfellow AFB Oasis Club

54.     Goodfellow AFB Parade Grounds

55.     Goodfellow AFB Sky Hawk Arena

56.     Goodfellow AFB Sports and Fitness Center

57.     Goodfellow AFB PME Center

58.     Goodfellow AFB Thede Bowling Center


59.     Greek Orthodox Church

60.     Harriet Baptist Church, Harriet TX

61.     Harris Ave. Baptist Church

62.     Holy Family Catholic Church, Sweetwater TX

63.     Horwood, Leonard residence, Sterling City TX

64.     Howard College-West Texas Training Center

65.     Howard-Payne University, Brownwood

66.     Immaculate Conception Catholic Church

67.     Immaculate Heart of Mary Hall, Sweetwater.

68.     Irion County (Portable System)

69.     Johnson Street Church Of Christ

70.     Junction High School Band Hall

71.     Laughlin AFB Chapel, Del Rio.

72.     Laughlin AFB Fitness Center)

73.     Lake View High School (portable system)

74.     Lake View High School Choir Room

75.     Lazy H Ranch and Retreat, Mason.

76.     Leakey United Methodist Church

77.     Lee Jr. High School (portable system)

78.     Lincoln Jr. High School Auditorium

79.     Mc Gill Elementary Cafatorium

80.     Meretta Catholic Church,

81.     North Ridge Baptist Church

82.     O.L. Perpetual Church, Ozona TX.

83.     Our Lady of Grace Monastery, Christoval

84.     Ozona High School Auditorium

85.     Ozona High School Field House

86.     Paint Rock IDS Intercom System

87.     Railhead Building, Colorado City TX†††††††††††††††

88.     Ray Dockery Arena, Eden.TX

89.     Rochelle ISD Cafatorium, Rochelle TX

90.     Sagecrest Alzheimerís Care Center

91.     Saint Ambrose Catholic Church

92.     Saint Boniface Catholic Church, Olfen TX

93.     Saint Boniface Church Hall

94.     Saint James Baptist Church, Colorado City.

95.     Saint Johnís Episcopal Church, Sonora TX

96.     Saint Joseph Church Hall, San Angelo

97.     Saint Lukeís United Methodist Church

98.     Saint Maryís Church Hall Ballinger

99.     Saint Maryís Church Ballinger

100.  Saint Patrickís Catholic Church, Brady TX

101.  Saint Paul Presbyterian Church

102.  Saint Peterís Catholic Church, Mertzon TX

103.  Saint TheresaísCatholic Church, Carlsbad TX

104.  Segunda Iglesia Baptist Church

105.  Segunda Iglesia Baptist Hall

106.  Sierra Vista United Methodist Church(Sanctuary Video System)

107.  Sierra Vista United Methodist Church (Choir Video System)

108.  Solid Rock Church

109.  Snyder ISD (Portable System)

110.  Sweetwater ISD (Portable System)

111.  Tom Green County 4-H Center & Arena

112.  Tree of Life Church

113.  Trinity Lutheran Church, Eden TX.

114.  United States Dept.Of Treasury Customs (Portable)

115.  Wall Brethren Church

116.  West Angelo Church Of Christ